Tromp Daan



Daan Bogers has had the privilege of playing with several bands, orchestras and musicians, which have been inspiring him significently and, with that, helped him in his musical development as a trumpetplayer. Bands and orchestras he participated in are a.o. BOSCO (allround small-bigband), HOTSHOTS! (soul & funk), JayDee Brassband (New Orleans Funk), LOS (nederpop), Liptease Bigband (Rockabilly Bigband Show), The Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation (Jazz-Ska) the Bernard Berhout Swing Orchestra (Benny Goodman tribute), The Michael Bublé Tribute (Big)Band, Jamirovibe (Jamiroquai tribute band), Cucaracha (Carribean music), Shake Y'all (popcovers), Happy Feet Brassband (New Orleans Brass), Los Cabronitos (Santana Tribute) and The Bazzookas (Ska-Rock). Artists he performed with are Shirma Rouse, Antje Monteiro, Denise Jannah, Joke Bruijs, Lilian Boutée, Pearl Josefzoon, Rafaella Paton, Diede Claesen, Frank Montis, Bazz, Alides Hidding, Jarno Ibarra, Henk Bernard, William Wixley, Sharon Kips, Nurlaila Karim, Astrid Kunst, Esther Hart, Marjon van Iwaarden, Tim Akkerman, Jill van Leeuwen, Romy Monteiro, Wolter Kroes, Jochem Meijer. He had the pleasure of doing tours with various bands through Europe (Italy, Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, Hungary, England, Czech, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgary, Belgium, Luxemburg, Romania, Slovenia).

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