Sax Emilie



'Saxogirl' (Emilie Bunnik) is a Dutch female saxophonist performing with DJ's. She performs together with international DJ's for the biggest clubs in The Netherlands, at wellknown house festivals, for corporate events of the biggest brands and fancy weddings. Emilie is also recording with DJ's. She easily uses her saxophone skills for new tracks and is really keen and easy to work with. Before playing in the edm industry Saxogirl played in bands for many years, mostly hiphop. She was at the age of 7 when she started with the german flute and clarinet and 12 years old when she began playing saxophone. Saxogirl can definitely cheer up your show! She has the ultimate performance skills to make your crowd having an epic party time.


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Datum Tijd Type evenement Locatie Plaats
2015-05-15 20:30 - 01:00 John & Mr. Smith
Landgoed Bergzicht - De Raaf Heumen