Gitarist Dani



Dani Rogosic: A composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and creator of The Rogosic Chronicles (Arious, Gardia, Gornian, Psydia, Thormez), and he is the guitarist and composer of the EPIC rock band HERE BE FLAMES! Dani’s current style of music lies between beautiful acoustic/flamenco music and catchy, heavy hard rock, all of course with a LOT of guitar solo’s!

At the moment he is also active in the bands:Infinity (Party Coverband) & Gashunters (Prog/pop). Dani Rogosic also teaches guitar at Gitaarclub TNFS, and he is the jam-leader and coordinator of the jamsessions at Muziekcafé Helmond!! (

Dani Rogosic has played in the bands: SPCHLSS (Experimental Gothic Rock), Joe2 (U2 Tribute), D-Live (Coverband), Dreamcatcher (Gothic Metal), NL-FINE$T (Hip-Hop/Reggea), Sunshine, Remember Me Otis (Otis Redding Tribute), Xtremusica (Experimental Rock) and many others.

Dani Rogosic won a lot of prizes on different band contests including best musician and best performer.


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